11/14 Bryan Malpass & Tanner Johnson

As Central Florida's favorite Britney Spears cover band, the dynamic duo comprising of Bryan Malpass' dreamy voice and the stringy stylings of Tanner Johnson brought down the house last night at Pinka. The sharp screech and pull of Johnson's violin allowed no melody to hide and the drippy desperate tones from the microphone ensured that no one would want to. The new sound system in the hollow drop ceiling in the venue allowed the sounds to fill the vacant space and just fall like the first sign of snow on our shoulders while embraced in a first kiss; more sweet than shocking, but leaving goose pimples on the flesh. Intoxicating in the flood of pink stage lights, the pair popped songs out of Top 40 Charts (noone even minding the subtle Rickroll) and resurrected the soul of many artists that left us in 2020 with an arrangement of Bill Wither's "Use Me" and "Ain't No Sunshine". The audience already in awe of the mastery in their craft, the music paused towards the end of their last set as Bryan listened to the speaker end of his cellphone as the crowd lulled in the background hoping this didn't mean the end. He replaced his phone back on the microphone stand, and while Tanner looked over his shoulder, they sightread and played a haunting version of Keith Urban's "Burden", the lyrics and the harmony with the violin as striking to the audience and the artists as we all heard them together for the first time. An intimate evening with two men who make the similarities between the words musicians and magicians not only in alliteration and syllables, I'm sure there won't be many more. If you have a chance to see either of these men, together or solo or with their other ensembles, it would be toxic not to try.

Check them out here: for upcoming shows and booking information.

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